Every clubs Secret Weapon

The Club APP is a great addition to every Event/Club Management.

Modular Application Framework

The basic understanding in the Club APP lies in its ability to evolve. The choice is yours to be satisfied with the functionality, that the base system has to offer. Or build upon that structure, enabling a variety of features drastically intensifying the experience presented to the user. Feature List:

  • Updated Event and Calendar System
  • Reservation System including Backend Admin Access to all Data provided.
  • Geofencing - widescale Advertisement.
  • Automatic Facebook Advertising.
  • Online Sound Livestream.
  • Club and Resident Dj Information.
  • Event Booking / Calendar

    The Implementation of a Calendar system allows users to be up to date with all upcoming events. Notifications for updates to the Calendar are shown. Bringing more attention to the App itself. An In-App Reservation System has been built, enabling the admin control and overview of Bookings and inquiries via Webfrontend.

    Geo Fencing

    News and Events get automaticaly sent to the surrounding area per push notifications and mail.

    Sound Livestream

    Enables live streaming right out of the club or choose a fixed playlist directly retrievable from the app interface.


    Adds the functionality of being able to shoot Photos, process these through added filters, while constantly showing the club logo on each Photo.